Posted: June 10 2022

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Heroes of Mavia' plan for a sustainable economy

Nothing in this article is financial advise, and you should always do your own research when investing.

In this post we are going to share with you an innovation in blockchain gaming in regards to one of the key aspects and probably the most complex one, creating a game economy. This just might be the next step in blockchain gaming that we need and what will potentially bring us closer to mass adoption. We will be talking about Heroes of Mavia and their innovative plan for a sustainable economy. If you are interested in a more general look at the project, there will be a link to another article written by me at the bottom of this post.

Similar to economies in the real world, many people tend to favor a safe place where they can earn the most and enjoy themselves. Blockchain gaming mimics this and when players are presented with “safe and guaranteed” earnings they jump in straight away without thinking. However, we recently saw some examples showing us that it isn’t that easy to create an economy and it took people a while to realize that those economies were falling apart. Without a doubt, as it is right now, the economy is make it or break it for blockchain games. Without it, even fun and entertaining games might look bad. The question now is, will Heroes of Mavia be able to ensure earnings to their community and be the first to present a sustainable economy?

Heroes of Mavia Team are using a really advanced tool by Machinations to build and verify their economy and make it possible to share it in an understandable visual graph to the community. This provides an incredible level of transparency and builds trust in the process. In simple words, it is a token simulation or the flow of ruby through the experience of the player, that helps visualize data and make predictions based on probabilities. This process can greatly help make this project stable and reduce over minting or over burning and in theory, create a stable token. It simulates through thousands of plays then analyzes the data and adapts accordingly. The goal here is for it to be constantly evolving and eventually find that sweet spot between minting and burning. Here you can see a quick overview of how it works.

The model is based on 5 personas:

1. People that cash out as soon as they can - Their fundamental goal is to make money

2. Competitive players - They would be constantly purchasing items that will help them progress faster and become stronger. They will be creating purchase strategies to maximize their power potential and will be following the meta.

3. Collectors - They like the game as a whole and would want to collect as many heroes, land decorations, skins, and statues as possible. Not highly competitive

4. Casual players – They like the game and log in mostly to have some fun, do some quests, battles, and are not highly competitive. They spend and earn, also they cash out from time to time

5. Build enjoyers – They like to max out what they enjoy playing. Might be a big spender, semi-competitive

When it comes to battles, every day there will be battles done and there is a chance to loose or win them. According to that, ruby is either minted or burned and stolen. Depending on the result of your battle rewards go as follows:

0 stars – no Ruby for you and no loss for the defender – only wasted your time

1 star – equivalent of 1 star worth of Ruby is minted for you

2 stars – equivalent of 2 stars worth of Ruby is minted for you (2x the amount for 1 star)

3 stars – equivalent of 3 stars worth of Ruby is stolen from the enemy. 1 is burned and 2 is given to you

After your energy has depleted for the day, you will only be able to win Ruby by achieving 3 stars in battles.

With this in mind, you might think that this isn’t sustainable because not all battles will be 3 stars and therefore there might be more minting than burning. But that’s not the case. This specific example indeed has the possibility to create more minting than burning but there are many more systems that will occur so battles might be a way to flatten the curve. Some systems are developed with the idea to burn more than they mint and some the opposite. It’s only a matter of finding that sweet spot that will balance them. It might not work perfectly at the beginning but with constant adjustments, it just might work.

Keep in mind not all of your Ruby can be stolen. Only the one in your war chest, just how gold was in Clash of Clans. Your war chest holds Ruby won from battles. You will need to protect your war chest for 3 whole days before you can transfer it to your bank vault. Accept your bank vault as a bunker below your fort that cannot be looted by other players. Your other option is to directly spend your ruby after you win it if you are not sure that you can protect it for that long or if you badly want to do an upgrade, level up your headquarters, or maybe purchase a cool skin.

This brings us to the store. In traditional games, the store content has to be very well thought out because in some cases it can give the impression that the game is turning into a pay to win. Even expensive skins sometimes are not that well accepted in some communities. In Heroes of Mavia, shop purchases or any kind of spending, be it purchasing skins or anything else, is being burned and not going in a company or in the team’s pockets. So, in comparison to other games, if you see someone purchasing a lot of skins you should know that this benefits you, the economy and the whole community. 100% of the ruby spent in-game is being burned immediately. This will make the value of Ruby go higher every time someone spends it.

In blockchain games, it’s not only the game that has to be balanced. It’s the economy and the market that must be balanced as well for the game to be successful and survive throughout the years. This creates the bigger picture and allows game developers to zoom out a bit and expand to not only creating a game.

As the industry progresses, expect gameplay and economies to level up with it too. It’s only the beginning so don’t sleep on it while the entry barrier is still low.




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