Posted: May 20 2022

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Big Time - Upcoming Play To Earn NFT/Blockchain Game!

Nothing in this article is financial advise, and you should always do your own research when investing.

Big Time is a free to play fast paced action co-op RPG that will incorporate NFTs and cryptocurrency. Players will be along for a ride across the vast reaches of time and space. Expect some of history’s most famous figures, and uncover mysterious threats that are tearing down the very walls of time itself. Players will fight monsters, take on bosses, delve into dungeons and earn blockchain rewards! Big Time will allow multiplayer groups so you and your friends can dominate together throughout time.

“An adventure across space and time promising unlimited adventure, historical battles, legendary loot and some of the craziest mash-ups you’ve ever seen.”

Game Setting:

“History is collapsing, promising unlimited adventure and exciting scenarios to encounter.”

Players will make use of their very own time machines (Which can be decorated/personalized) allowing them to visit varying points in history, and also, the future 🤯. The Big Time world has a colorful art style that will vary widely in aesthetic depending on where, and when, you are in the universe. Dungeons will be procedurally generated, offering new twists and turns every time you play. Players can acquire clothing and armor from different time periods, further immersing the player in the varying reaches of time.

“Stunning vistas, evocative characters, and adventure instances ranging from the epic, to the whimsical, to the downright terrifying.”


“Multiplayer Co-op blockchain fast paced ARPG Dungeon Crawler... what the heck is that? 🥴”

This section is not based on player experience, but based on trailers as well as what we have heard from the team so far.

The game will be a 3rd person action RPG game, players will hack and slash in parties facing all sorts of enemies. Expect to slay baddies, clear dungeons, take on bosses, level up, and upgrade your character/equipment. Players can jump in with friends in groups of up to 6. Within these groups players can choose between 4 character classes:

Time Warrior

Aggression. Brute force. Close-up carnage.


Magic. Precision. Ranged destruction.


Stealth. Speed. A cunning death-dealer.

Quantum Fixer

Heal your friends, bring misery to your foes.

It is worth noting that just 1 character can level up all 4 classes, so you won’t need to juggle 4 characters to try out each class.

Big Time's Timelines system allows players to level up the same character in multiple class paths and switch to the desired class on the fly.”

NFTs and Cryptocurrency:

Currently, we know of 4 NFTs that will be in the game, and 1 token (2 technically). The NFTs announced are: Spaces, Timekeepers, Forges, and wearable NFTs.

Space NFTs are what you could think of like NFT lands. You’ll need a Space NFT to house the Timekeeper & Forge NFTs, and you will be able to enter and decorate these spaces.

Timekeeper NFTs, along with being placed in a Space and with the right inputs, will produce Hourglasses

Hourglasses are tokenized. Hourglasses will be crafted and consumed by players, allowing players to earn the Big Time tokens for a limited period.

Big Time Tokens are earned as long as your Hourglass has sand remaining, players can use these tokens to buy rare, exclusive NFTs as well as recharge their Hourglasses.

Forge NFTs, again, with being placed in a Space and with the right inputs, will allow the players to craft wearable game NFTs.

Wearable NFTs are cosmetic only, allowing players to boast their collections on their in game characters. These wearable NFTs will be crafted by players at the Forges, and also can be rare finds when completing dungeons.

All of the NFTs, Hourglasses, and the Big Time tokens will be tradable for cryptocurrencies in marketplaces amongst players and investors.

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