Date: February 23 2022

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DCG Partners with La Tavola Rotonda

La Tavola Rotonda (LaTR) the No.1 Syndicate in first-ever Mafia Metaverse Free-to-play-to earn action-adventure RPG game called Mobland, has partnered with DCG!

DCG & LaTR are taking steps towards forging a powerful alliance. An alliance that is now in place. LATR are very important friends to have and this alliance is going to bring very special things indeed. Lets remember that we are better together and here at DCG we are extremely confident that LATR share the same core principles and integrity that we do. Positivity, diversity, inclusivity, working together, empowering people, having fun and being free from toxicity.

We can’t wait for you to meet them and for you to join their amazing and super-welcoming community where you can learn more about Mobland and see why they (and we) are so bullish for it.

So click ‘join’ and the invite below and know that we give you a DCG-guarantee that you’ll be in the safest hands of the most powerful Syndicate in the whole of Mobland.

Join LaTR:

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