Date: November 26 2021

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DCG as part of the Thetan Arena Guild Builder Program

We were selected in Thetan Arena’s Guild Builder program! This is huge for us as we will be provided with additional benefits and support, potentially exclusive tournament access and more.

We have already been having conversations in the background about how guilds are going to work for us here at Dynamic Crypto Gaming. It’s important that we provide guilds for our most skilled and competitive players who have their eyes set on top rankings, scrims and future tournaments. However we want to also make sure that we have development guilds for those of you who might be new to this type of game but still are passionate about climbing through the ranks. And last but not least, we also want guilds for those of you who just want to chill, play games casually, make friends and take it easy.

More details will come but do expect Guild battles, scrims, Thetan Thursdays, DCG competitions, giveaways and more.

We made and are continuing to build an amazing community here at Dynamic Crypto Gaming and the team at Thetan Arena have noticed.

And we’re just getting started.

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