Date: September 12 2022

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DCG x The Bornless Partnership

We are so happy to announce our partnership with The Bornless! We’ve all been following their development and testing the game for a while now and are really excited for where this game is going. It’s obvious this team is truly passionate about their project.

A little bit about The Bornless:

The Bornless is an upcoming game from indie developer Cathedral Games expected to publicly launch an open beta in October 2022 while arranging a big Halloween tournament together with Community Gaming.

The game is a competitive battle royale horror FPS built in Unreal Engine, and in this first game mode 8 players team up in groups of 2 to take out the other teams, while a nasty demon (Orobas) tries to turn all the players into dinner (PvPvE). By burning tokens (incense) you fend off the demon. The goal is to be the last team standing.

The project has been in development for around a year, and the core idea is to create a truly fun game that people want to play, and involve the blockchain and web 3 components that makes sense. Another core focus is to involve game and crypto communities in various ways.

The game is currently in closed beta, but the DCG community has had quite a few playtests throughout development and the verdict is in: this game is scary and incredibly fun!

The Bornless has some massive Beta tournaments coming up in September ($1500) and October ($15,000), so be sure to keep an eye out in <EVENTS PAGE>, sign up for playtests in the DCG discord, and get some incense!

P.S. There is a cross community brawl happening on


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