Date: August 18 2022

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DCG x Myria Partnership

Dynamic Crypto Gaming is delighted to announce our most recent partnership with Myria, the new backbone of blockchain gaming!

According to recent data, the global gaming industry was valued at nearly $200 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach a whopping valuation of up to $340 billion in the next four to five years. There is no doubt that gamers, eSports enthusiasts and even developers or creators invest hundreds of hours and dollars into their favorite video games every day without ever receiving full ownership of the digital assets they have tirelessly collected.

Myria, which first came to light at the end of December 2021, has listened to the voices of the ever growing web3 community and made it its main mission to create a comprehensive Ethereum Layer2 scaling solution to actively promote digital ownership and NFTs, with a decentralized gaming platform like we have never seen before. Myria combines a permissionless open plaform with applications and tools such as their SDK that empowers creators at every stage of their project from NFT creation and management to implementing complete gaming projects on the blockchain without having to have any knowledge of smart contract programming, all while benefiting from full access to the thriving Myria community.

Myria Studios has been developing a number of exciting free-to-play AAA games in various genres that will soon be released for alpha testing.

The Myria platform is about to launch in August 2022, where it will release its L2 zk-rollup ETH scaling solution that can process up to 9000 transactions per second, at $0 gas fees! Along with the scaling solution, the first version of the developer SDK will be released, allowing developers to create projects on the Myria platform. We will also see the V1 of the Myria Wallet and Marketplace, a non-custodial system where you will have complete control over your funds at all times.

If you want to learn more about Myria, you should check out the website, Medium articles, and Discord server:

If you are interested in acquiring a Myria node that will be the backbone of the Myria ecosystem, sign up here to pre-register:

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