Date: May 06 2022

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DCG x Gala Games Partnership

Dynamic Crypto Gaming is proud to announce our most recent partnership with Gala Games!

This is a massive opportunity for us to continue cementing our place in the Web3 gaming space alongside a large, well established company that shares our core values and vision. Along with the principle that all games should first be fun, they are also making blockchain gaming easier and safer for everyone. As the world becomes more aware of this space, it is important to move away from complicated blockchain intricacies and provide experiences that are as easy to use as any Web2 game, but with the bonus of truly owning your assets. Like DCG, they take a community approach to it all, allowing their members to have a voice in the development of games and ultimately help shape the direction and design of each project.

The Gala ecosystem is run by the players and users who operate nodes through voting on upcoming developments and choosing which games are best fit for the Gala ecosystem. This level of decentralization makes us really bullish for the Gala ecosystem and where this partnership can take us.

Why did they choose us as their first guild to partner with over other big name guilds? Our model is unique. Many guilds are focused around scholarships, but we are concerned with the big picture: Sustainability, engagement, great content and keeping our community educated and safe in this wild world of crypto. We are so excited to have secured such an epic partnership and to start working with Gala more closely in the coming months.

Check out some of of their current projects below or go to to learn more. We can’t wait to start creating content around all of their great games.

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