Posted: August 29 2022

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Synergy Land – Action RPG Metaverse

Today we will look at a free-to-play fantasy multiplayer blockchain game inspired by classics like Diablo and Path of Exile. The project is called Synergy Land and the team behind it is a full AAA talented team with decades of experience.

What is Synergy Land?

Synergy Land will be set in a massive world divided into four ecosystems around four elements: fire, water, earth and ice. As you can imagine it will be very pleasing for people that love to explore (like me) and discover new worlds. The main focus, however, and where you will be able to earn that sweet loot will be in the dungeons. You will be able to enter dungeons with your friends to fight through all kinds of enemies and bosses, solve puzzles and collect tokens and NFTs. The best thing is that you can actually own boss NFTs and earn passive income. If the boss you own kills another player then you will receive the loot that he dropped. There will be also special dungeons that will require a small amount of the ACN token (more on the tokens below) as an entry fee. The ACN token won’t be sold before launch so everyone will start on the same level playing field and they will have to go into the free dungeons first. The goal here would be to farm the free dungeons until you earn some tokens and then progress to the paid ones to find much better loot and higher tier NFTs.

Permadeath is also present but only when you are in a dungeon. This means that if you are in a party and one of your team members dies, he won’t be able to return to the dungeon and you will have to continue with 1 less member. So do your team a favor and don’t rush into enemies alone.


It is time to talk about my favorite thing in Synergy Land and that is Pets. I have always loved pets in games, especially ones that can battle alongside you and in Synergy Land you will be able to take bring them with you in the dungeon or compete with them in turn-based PVP RPG-style battles. They can be bred in a nursing center as well to create new pets with different skills and elements. The other type of PVP will be in the arena where you can fight other players in a real-time dynamic combat system alone or with friends.


On top of all that, you can also have your very own private island where you can build your fort, craft equipment, farm and many more. You will be able to loot NFT armor, weapons, crafting blueprints and if lucky you can encounter pets that you can adopt. With the help of this, a complete player-driven economy is created for equipment and resources. The team won’t ever sell any type of equipment or resources to players. You can either use what you gather for yourself to get stronger or trade it with others


There will be 2 tokens in Synergy land. SNG will be the governance one and will be required for marketplace purchases. The token is earnable through special events and will have a hard cap. The second token is ACN – the reward currency. There will be no max supply to it but it will be regulated by burning mechanisms such as crafting, land taxes, breeding pets and special dungeon fees. Can be earned from completing quests and completing dungeons. Required for purchases of resources.

What can you do right now while waiting for the release?

Currently, there are no sales ongoing, but you are able to freely trade NFTs like Synergians, Badges with or without tokens and crafting resources. You can also become a part of the amazing community (Links below) and the ones that are truly vested in the project can receive exclusive benefits and airdrops. Here is a graph showing what can be earned according to your level of engagement in Discord. Lastly, they have a short demo that you can try for free on their website.

⁠Roadmap for 2022

The following graph shows the roadmap for the remainder of 2022

⁠Final thoughts

Synergy Land should not be seen as a game just for web3 players. To play you won’t need any prior knowledge of the blockchain or cryptocurrencies and their main goal is to reach all types of players. The best thing is that it will be cross-platform so you can play with your friends from your PC and/or mobile! This is big because the mobile games sector has a lot of attention right now and in my opinion, every project should aim for such an approach.


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