Posted: May 23 2022

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How To Manage Way Too Many Crypto Projects

“The Crypto Space Moves Too Fast” 😵

“I don’t have enough time to look at every project” 🥴

“WTF it’s already 2 am??” 😫

With dozens of new Crypto or Blockchain projects popping up every day, it is overwhelming trying to keep up with them all. At times, it is clear within a few minutes that a project has gained/lost your interest, but properly assessing a project (especially when investments are involved) can take hours upon hours of your time.

Here is some advice on how to better manage way too many crypto projects:

Nothing in this article is financial advise, and you should always do your own research when investing.

Get Organized. It can be easy to lose track of projects that you’re involved in, so use a spreadsheet to track it. Write down what holdings you have, links to important websites, upcoming events, news and opportunities (Consider even keeping track of both when you bought in and at what price). Having all of this information readily available will keep you from jumping around different sites trying to find info that you previously knew - *saving you time from searching over and over again*.

If you don’t remember all the projects you are involved in, consider using sites like DeBank or Zapper, that track the holdings of your wallet.




Another way to get organized is in Discord. Most projects nowadays have a Discord, and many people use it as their main source of information. This leads to dozens of servers, and dozens of daily notifications...

Two quick tips for Discord:

  1. Organize your projects into folders - Have a folder exclusively for projects that you are researching. Have a folder for only projects that you are invested in. Consider having more folders for categories like projects that you are looking to invest in, or looking to sell out of. This will allow you to prioritize which servers you need to catch up on.

  2. Follow server announcements in your own Discord server - Set up your own Discord server (It is easy don’t worry!) and “follow” other projects’ announcements in that server. This will allow you to just need to check 1 place for all important updates, news, and announcements instead of constantly finding and jumping between servers.

    If you are involved with many blockchain gaming projects (like me 😉) it can be easy to forget to use your daily energy in some games. Get in the habit of setting alarms or reminders so you get notified of when you need to jump on and game out. Doing this will prevent you from forgetting to play, and you won’t miss out on any daily crypto earnings.

    Staying involved in every project is sometimes just not possible for one person alone. I strongly recommend grouping up. Whether its as simple as you and your trusted buddies, or a full fledged crypto guild, helping each other keep track of projects, events, news and upcoming opportunities is a massive time saver, and collaboration is one of the keys to succeeding in this space.

Join Dynamic Crypto Gaming guild -

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If you still can’t find time to manage all the projects you’re involved with, I urge you to raise your standards and cut back on the number of projects you’re involved in. I know that each project can be *the next big thing*, but you need to be realistic with your time and involvement. Ask yourself on each project, “Is this an investment, or a gamble?”. And then only spend time on the projects you consider as investments. You should also consider investing in a DAO that participates in projects that you’re interested in (They will manage investments for you!).

Finding the time and energy to keep up with every new crypto project is tough. Make it easier by getting organized, optimizing Discord, setting reminders, and grouping up. If that doesn’t work, cut back or join a DAO that will manage investments for you. Time is crypto, so spend your time efficiently.

Watch my supporting video on this topic:

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