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Heroes of Mavia - Upcoming P2E/Blockchain Game

Heroes of Mavia

Heroes of Mavia - Upcoming P2E/Blockchain Game

Heroes of Mavia (HOM) is an upcoming Play to Earn blockchain game in which players will raise armies, build bases, defend and attack other players, and earn crypto rewards. Players can earn in game resources as well as blockchain rewards. HOM incorporates multiple types of NFTs and crypto tokens for players to use and earn.

Game Setting:

“The game is set on the visually appealing island of Mavia; a location believed to have emerged from an underwater eruption and readied for the ultimate player experience.. - Alexander Maxwell

HOM takes place on the Island of Mavia. The island is a fantasy land that homes many land plots pictured below.


“Build your base, grow your army and earn RUBY by conquering enemy bases throughout Mavia.”

If you have played games like Clash of Clans, HOM’s gameplay should be familiar to you. Players will raise armies and build up defenses in their base. Then these armies will attack enemy player bases and your goal is to destroy the Base HQ and steal as many resources as you can. Make sure to build awesome defensive buildings at your own base to defend your HQ and precious resources too. The gameplay will involve a lot of strategy, choosing where to build certain defenses will have massive impacts on the way your base fights with an enemy army. There will also be strategy involved when attacking, picking which troops to bring, when and where to place them along with what Heroes you bring to the fray as well.

HOM will be available on both PCs and mobile.

Play to Earn:

When you successfully attack a players base, you earn RUBY Tokens. When you successfully defend your base from an attack, you earn RUBY Tokens (This is a form of passive income if your base can consistently defend). Finally, when you clear obstacles around your base, you earn RUBY Tokens. There will also be challenges and more that will reward players in RUBY tokens. More info on RUBY tokens below.

NFTs and Cryptocurrencies:

There are 3 types of NFTs in HOM, and 2 crypto tokens.


Bases are at the core of the HOM, and owning a base is required to play. Players can own/control multiple bases. There are a few Base rarities: Common, Rare & Legendary - the main difference being how many RUBY’s players can earn. You can earn passive when offline if your base successfully defends an enemy player’s attack.

Heroes assist the player in both attacking opponent bases, as well as protecting the home base in defensive battles. Important to note that you can only equip 4 heroes to 1 base at a time.

Statues can be placed on a base to give a boost to base stats, production rates and more. Each statue can only boost one specific variable of a base. It’s important to note that you can only equip 4 statues to 1 base at a time.

NFT Upgrades are available for each NFT. The HQ of the bases, the heroes, and the statues can all be upgraded and leveled up using RUBY tokens. As you upgrade all of these NFTs, stats increase and they become more valuable for you to play with, or for you to sell.

RUBY Tokens are earned in game through successful attacks, successful defenses, and from clearing obstacles at your base. RUBY can be used to upgrade your NFTs.

MAVIA Tokens are the HOM governance token. MAVIA will be used in the HOM NFT Marketplace to buy and sell NFTs. There is also plans for MAVIA staking to earn rewards and NFT prizes.


2021 Quarter 4

Community Created

2022 Quarter 1

Token Launch

2022 Quarter 2

Land & NFTs Sale

Alpha Testing

2022 Quarter 3

Public Beta Launch

2022 Quarter 4

Global Launch

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